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28 Fun Activities For Kids To Do At Home

Do your kids have the quarantine blues? I know many parents are trying to think of fun activities to keep their children busy and entertained, so I've compiled a list of activities I've done with my nieces, as well as other ideas I've seen from friends. Many of the activities can be done with items you already have at home, and other activities are completely online. Let's make the most of this social distancing and time at home... and don't forget to take pictures!


1. Scavenger Hunt

Create a scavenger hunt for your kids throughout the house, or do a backyard scavenger hunt for items they can find outdoors.

2. Tie Dye Shirts


Grab some old t-shirts, and brighten them up with your favorite colors! My nieces loved tie-dying their shirts, and it will be a fun memory every time they wear them. If you don't have dye at home, Amazon has several tie-dye kits that you can order. 

3. Paint Your Own Cookies

The Sweet Boutique Bakery in Sugar Land is selling paint-your-own-cookies for $5. Each cookie comes with an edible paint palette and a mini paint brush for the kids to use! 

4. Houston Zoo Daily Live Stream

Catch a behind-the-scenes glimpse of the Houston Zoo at 11 a.m. CST, Monday through Friday on their Facebook Live Stream! The zookeepers feature different animals each day, and it's a fun way for kids to learn about all kinds of creatures! If you missed a day, you can go back and watch the videos here.

5.  Pinot's Palette Paint Kits

Pinot's Palette in Sugar Land is selling take-home paint kits. Each kit has step-by-step instructions included. They are also posting tutorial videos on their Facebook page for different painting projects. Visit their website for more information.

6. KHOU Weather School

Learn all about weather from the KHOU meteorologists, every week day at 2 p.m. CST. You can tune in on their Facebook or Youtube pages.

7. Build a Blanket Fort

Grab all of your blankets, pillows and chairs, and set up the ultimate blanket fort in your living room! Your kids will love hanging out in this space.

8. Chalk Murals

Photo by: Trinity Hermanson

Photos by: Trinity Hermanson

Gather your sidewalk chalk and some painter's tape, and create a beautiful chalk mural on your fence or driveway! Use the tape to divide your mural into sections, and color each section with chalk. Remove the tape, and you're left with a pretty mosaic chalk mural. My friend did this activity with her neighbors, and they created a masterpiece!

9. Make a Time Capsule

Pull out an old box or container, and create a time capsule with your kids. This will be a special memory for them, and it will help them remember this time period in their lives. They can put an item of their choice into the capsule, and you could also get them to write a letter about everything that's happening right now. They can open this capsule years from now, and look back on the time they spent at home with their family. 

10. Family Bike Ride

If you're needing some exercise and fresh air, take a bike ride around the block with the whole family. It's hard on everyone to stay cooped up, so this is a way to get out of the house, and still keep your distance from others. 

11. Rock Painting

Photo by: Trinity Hermanson

Let your kids show off their creative side, and paint fun designs on rocks! One of my friend's recently did this, and now they have a beautiful rock garden filled with color!

12. Play Dress-Up

Bring out the old costumes and dress-up clothes, and let your kids have a dress-up day! They can put on a fashion show in the living room, or role play their favorite characters. 

13. Rock Sensory Bin

This is one of my favorites-- My mom and I created rock sensory bins for my nieces, nephew and cousins. All you need is a plastic bin, rocks (or sand), and any toys you'd like to include in the bin. The kids love digging through the rocks and finding different toys.

14. Cooking Lessons

Break out the cookbooks, and teach your kids how to follow a recipe! This is a great, hands-on activity that kids will love to do. They'll love taste-testing the finished product, even more!

15. Learn a New Language

Download the Duolingo app, and let your kids learn a new language! I've used this app for a few years now, and it's a great language learning tool for all levels. They can participate in daily language lessons, and unlock new levels as they learn.

16. Water Balloons and Sprinkler

Sometimes you just need a fun, water-filled day! Fill up some water balloons, and let your kids run through the sprinkler. It's a perfect way to beat the Texas heat.

17. Read Books 

Even though the kids are home from school, it's important to keep their minds active, and reading is an excellent way to do that! In addition to the books they have at home, there's another way to dive into some new books through the Fort Bend County Libraries. If you have a library card, all you have to do is download the Libby app, and link your card. You'll have access to tons of free ebooks and audiobooks that you can "check-out" for a certain time. This isn't just for kids -- adults can utilize this app, too! Another great resource for reading is Storyline Online. This site is filled with videos of famous actors reading children's books that your kids will love.

18. Cosmic Kids Yoga

Your kids can learn yoga, and have fun while watching these entertaining, instructional videos by Cosmic Kids Yoga! You can choose from all kinds of videos with different themes, based on what your child likes. Parents can participate in the exercise fun, too!

19. Make a Fairy Garden

This is another one of my favorites-- FAIRY GARDENS! All you need is a pot/planter/container, soil, plants (I love succulents) and fairies or figurines. You fill the pot with soil, place the plants in the soil in whichever spots you prefer, and then add the fairies or figurines! You can also add rocks, if you'd like. This can be a continuous activity once it's made-- your child can be responsible for watering and taking care of the plants each day. My nieces LOVED making their fairy gardens! My younger cousin made a dinosaur-themed garden, which is another cute idea. Also, Amazon has several fairy garden sets available to order, if you don't have the supplies at home.

20. Camp In The Backyard

If you have sleeping bags and a tent, plan a campout in your backyard, and do some stargazing with the kids. Don't forget the flashlights and snacks! This will be an experience they will remember forever.

21. Early Easter Egg Hunting

Hunt Easter eggs early... because why not?? Kids LOVE hunting for eggs, and this is an activity they could do over and over again. They could hunt them indoors and outdoors. It's also a prime time to dye Easter eggs!

22. Make Slime

I KNOW it's messy... but kids love it! There are several slime recipes online, and they usually include Elmer's Glue along with other household items like baking soda, shaving cream and contact solution. If you don't have the ingredients to make slime, check out Amazon for an assortment of slime kits.

23. Board Games and Puzzles

I've been hooked on puzzles ever since this quarantine began, and this is a fun activity for kids to help with, too. We're also stocked up on board games-- our most recent game purchase was "Ticket To Ride." This is a perfect opportunity to have some family-friendly competition!

24. Pick Up Some Donuts As A Special Treat

My nieces LOVE going to Hurts Donut in Katy, but since you can't eat inside anywhere right now, you could pick up some donuts to-go, or have them delivered (if available). Surprise your kids with a special treat from your local donut shop one day, and #SupportLocal. 

25. Movie Marathon

Throw on your comfiest pajamas (if your haven't already!), and have a family movie marathon! You could have everyone write their movie pick on a piece of paper, and randomly pick which one you will watch first. Don't forget the movie snacks! 

26. Learn To Draw - Lunch Doodles With Mo

Your kids can learn to draw with Mo Willems every week day at 12 p.m. CST! He is the Kennedy Center Education Artist-in-Residence, and he teaches kids how to draw and create art every day through his live streams.

27. Enjoy Some Ice Cream In Your Backyard

Here's another way to cool off in this Texas heat... ICE CREAM! While the kids are playing outside, surprise them with an ice cream break! 

28. FaceTime Family and Friends

Last, but certainly not least, remember to let your kids FaceTime their loved ones. I'm sure every kid is missing their friends from school, and luckily we have the technology to stay in touch through video calls. My mom looks forward to her FaceTime calls from her grandkids, especially during this quarantine time period. It's important to let your family and friends know that you are thinking about them, and a quick FaceTime chat is good for the soul!