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Earth Day Activities for Kids

Today marks the 50th anniversary of Earth Day! In honor of this special day, we’ve put together a list of fun Earth-themed activities you can do with your kids to celebrate, and learn about our planet. 

(Cake pop made by The Sweet Boutique Bakery)


Go for a walk/run

Go outside, breathe in the fresh air, and get your daily dose of exercise with a walk or run around the block with your family. 


Plant a garden

This is one of my favorite Earth Day activities... growing something from our beautiful planet is so fulfilling! Plant some seeds, or pick up some flowers or veggie/fruit plants from your local plant nursery. Enchanted Gardens in Richmond has a wide selection. This is a great lesson for kids to learn about caring for plants (and our planet)! 


Learn about recycling

Photo by: Green Living Tips

Sort through recyclable materials with your kids, and teach them what does/doesn’t belong in the recycling bin. Show them the recycling numbers on plastics. This is a simple activity with a lasting impact. Here's an easy guide to follow.


Make a pine cone bird feeder

Photo by: Preschool Inspirations

I remember making pine cone bird feeders when I was a kid, and it was always a hit. This is even an activity that toddlers can easily do. Let your kids gather pine cones outside. All you have to do is add some peanut butter to the pine cones, dunk them in bird seed, and hang them with string in your tree for the birds to enjoy! 


Watch nature videos

If you have Disney Plus, you can find tons of nature videos for your kids to watch and enjoy. There’s a whole National Geographic section, along with dazzling Disney Nature documentaries. I recently watched the Disney Nature: Diving With Dolphins documentary, and it was SO BEAUTIFUL! If you have access to YouTube, you can also find educational nature videos on there! Search for a topic that you know your child would be interested in... maybe their favorite animal! 


 Nature scavenger hunt in your yard

I know it’s been tough on many kids to adjust to the current stay-at-home lifestyle, so allowing them to go outside for a nature scavenger hunt would be a nice way for them to let out their energy! Give them a list of items that they might find in your yard, and have them check things off as they search. 


Write notes on leaves, and “leave” them on the sidewalk for others to enjoy 


This activity is so simple, but can impact people in a big way. Gather some leaves with your kids, and have them write encouraging notes or words on them with a Sharpie. When you’re done, set them along your driveway or randomly on the sidewalk. This will help spread joy and positivity to anyone who passes by your house, and it might just be the little, happy reminder that someone needed to see. 


Paint rocks

Photo by: Trinity Hermanson

Rocks, paint and paintbrushes... that’s all you need to do this activity! Your kids could paint a fun design, a face, an animal or even a positive word on the rocks. You could start your own rock garden with the painted rocks, and it can be a memory for your kids to look back on every time they pass by the garden. 


Earth Day word search & coloring pages

If your children love word searches or coloring, here are some fun Earth Day pages that you can print out! 


Dirt cups snack

Photo by: The Spruce Eats

This is the ultimate Earth Day snack. Do you have any chocolate pudding cups in your refrigerator? Add some crushed Oreos (the “dirt”), and top them off with gummy worms. Your kids will love it! You can also follow this simple recipe


Make something out of recycled materials

Gather old newspapers, magazines, plastic bottles, empty egg cartons, or anything else you might have around the house, and let your children use their imagination! Help them create something interesting out of the recycled materials, and show them how recycling and reusing can be fun!


Read/watch The Lorax by Dr. Seuss

Photo by: Penguin Random House

This story is a classic! It teaches kids how humans have an impact on our natural environment. If you have The Lorax book, today would be a great day to read it to your kids! It’s okay if you don’t have it— you can let your kids listen to the story being read here. You can also play The Lorax movie on certain streaming services. 


Earth Day world crayon craft

Photo by: Stuffed Suitcase for Today's Creative Blog

I’ve never tried this, but it looks like a perfect art activity for Earth Day! All you need is a silicone muffin tin, blue and green crayons and an oven! If you follow these steps, you’ll create adorable world crayons as a result. 


Leaf printing

Photo by: First Palette

Collect some leaves, and have your kids paint one side of each leaf. Press the painted side of the leaves onto a piece of paper, and then you’ll have a beautiful leaf print! You can continue the process on the entire paper, making a leaf print collage.